Darwin | Galapagos Yacht


Yacht Darwin was constructed in 1995 on Santa Cruz Island, and it underwent a complete renovation in 2012. Annual maintenance and repairs are carried out to meet international safety regulations and standards. This lovely small yacht has 8 bunk-bedded cabins, well-distributed over the three decks of the motorboat, comfortably accommodating up to 16 passengers. All cabins have private facilities and air conditioning.

In addition, the Darwin yacht provides guests with a spacious sundeck, a well-stocked bar, a cozy living room, and a pristine dining room, where they can indulge in carefully planned international and Ecuadorian cuisine. The Darwin has thoughtfully planned itineraries that allow travelers to have an incredible adventure at a very reasonable price, making it an excellent choice for budget-conscious travelers seeking a comprehensive Galapagos experience.

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